Install Broadcom wireless card on Gentoo Linux

Hi at all, today i want to say you how i've configured my wireless card, after some sleepless night passed on my laptop:). This procedure was tested on Gentoo, but it would work on every linux distro.
Little side note: iif you are using ubuntu (or another distro debian based), the needed firmware are downloaded automatically.
To make sure you can follow this how to, check the result of lspci. This is mine:
10:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini–PCI (rev 01)

well, go on:

In the newest kernel, the broadcom driver are already present, so it's necessary just re-compile the kernerl with the broadcom support:
For those of you that don't know how to do, the steps are so simple:
1– Open a new terminal and check with(uname –r) the kernel version, then change directory and move on:
     /usr/src/(risultato uname –r)
2– make menuconfig
3– Include, remove or add as module the wanted options, in this case:

[*]Networking Support ––>Wireless ––> <*>Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)

Device Drivers ––> Network device support ––> Wireless LAN >
[*]WIreless LAN
<*>Broadcom 43xx wireless support (mac80211 stack)
[ ] Broadcom 43xx PCMCIA device support
[*] Broadcom 43xx debugging
se avete problemi abilitare anche questi due

< > Broadcom 43xx–legacy wireless support (mac80211 stack)
[ ] Broadcom 43xx–legacy debugging

Uscire, salvare quindi:

4– make clean
5– make –j2
6– make modules_install
7– Copy the new bzImage in the boot directory, in my case:
      arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/kernel

8– Configure the boot loader to point at new bzImage
9– Reboot

– Now we would have a kernel rightly configured with the driver installed. At this point we have to install the firmware and b43–fwcutter .
So, we have to emerge/downlad this last and download the firmware from this site (check out the kernel version). Now:

–Unpacking the firmware.

–Lets create (if doesn't already exists) a new firmware folder in /lib and extract the firmware, in my case these three steps are:

# export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR="/lib/firmware"
# wget–wl–
# tar xjf broadcom–wl–
# cd broadcom–wl–
# b43–fwcutter –w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_apsta_mimo.o

–Now we must reboot and hope for the best;) To connect it's necessary to use an extern network manager (i suggest wicd and wicd–client), otherwise we can do this by hand:
iwconfig wlan0 essid (ESSID rete) channel (canale) key (off | chiave wep)
ifconfig wlan0 up
dhclient wlan0

For wpa protection it's recommended to use wpa–supplicant (read the man about usage)

If something does not work, don't worry, it's was also my case;). A quick way to make it fully functional (although not very elegantly) it's:

Get an ubuntu Live cd (i've used 8.04), start it, install the divers when request from the ditro; check the connection state, and in the end copy the whole content of /lib/firmware of the live into yours distro (in the same directory!!)
I suggest to check what firmware version you are copying, and replace these with those downloaded first, because most updated.

It's all folks!!! see ya ;)


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