Listen google music on iphone

Hello everybody, this time i'll write how is possible listen own music (hosted on a google music account) using an iphone.
How we know there is an application to do this, but unluckily it's designed only for android devices.
However, those of you who have got an iPhone and an invite to google music, this is the right way:)
The procedure is very simple: just navigate to the google music site, after that hold the middle button on safari dock, than press "add to home screen".
In this way we add an icon on our springboard that we can launch everytime we would listen our music.
The interesting part is that we can control the music with the ipod's controls.
Last thing: could happen that a song doesn't start at the first shot; don't worry: just press pause button, after that press play again :)
Well that's all, see you soon..bye bye.
EDIT: Now exists a new app (called gMusic) downloadable under payment.


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