* Remember:
* This software is potentially dangeroues whether used against others.
* The recommended use is for personal purposes or tests.

Behaviour and available actions using Karonte
The first time that Karonte is lauched, automatically it puts itself in automatic execution, thus at each computer startup the process has ran.
When karonte it's ready it tries to connect to a specific server (chosen in compilation phase to make all transparent) to get a valid Ip Address, therefore it tries to connect to ip given. Meanwhile karonte continue to cacth every keys typed by user (Keylogger side).
In order to avoid all problem connections due to closed router or antivirus; it's the server that tries to connect; therefore the client must wait the connection when opened. When the connection has established the client side of karonte can send commands to host; avaliable actions are:
* Serch file in the whole host
* Copy files or entire directories
* Send files
* Move/attach mouse
* Steal msn credentials
* Make cpu noise
* Ram dos attack ;)
* Navigate through directory
* Send message to host, which are displayed on the screen
* Open/close cd Tray
* Catch webcam picture (in delelopment phase)
* Shutdown host
* Catch host informations (host/user/drive/power)
* Close/lauch processes
* Keylog
* Catch desktop screen

In order to take trace of an host it's necessary to use an external ftp server where the server process could read the ip address of the client process; the file uploaded must be renamed "callme". To set the server url it's necessary to modify some variables (present in Define.h) and the parameters passed in the functions of Initialize.h file (the functions to set are represented by [FtpServer]).
This software was developed using visual studio, thus are included even some files generated automatically by it, just for completeness purposes.

In order to try this software, as everyother on this site, you have to change every quotes, cause in html the single quotes give problems.
Moreover you have to set suitably Visual Studio to compile the files (in other words adding the needed .lib to project). This software has tested on windows XP/VISTA/7



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