Source codes

Anonymous Mailer [c++]

Main file

Anonymous Mailer with attachment [php]


Arduino binary clock [arduino code]

Code Eagle schematic

Karonte windows Xp/Vista/7 Trojan [c++]

Visual Studio files Headers Main Files ReadMe

Keylogger [c++]

Main Keylogger Variables

Lqr Optimal Controller syntesis [MatLab]


Multiping extention for Httping [c]

Sources codes on GitHub

Reveal Windows Live Messenger (Msn) password [c++]

Main file

Stabilization of a chemical reactor [MatLab]


Secure crypted Chat [java]

Sources codes on GitHub Download Sources Javadoc

Service of remote compression [c]

Server Client

Y.A.L.Z.I A LZ78 Data Compressor tool for linux [c]

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