Source Code

Security and about

BootStomp: the embedded bootloader bug finder [source]

angr: the binary analysis framework [source]

SASI: abstract domain to build precise and sound analyses based on value-set analysis [source]

LoopMc: Android malware detection tool [source]

Pretender: emulator for embedded systems [source]

AutoFacts: Framework to test and evaluate static analysis tools [source]

iCTF framework to build CTF competitions [source]

Trojan for windows Xp/Vista/7 (c++)* [source]

Keylogger (c++)* [source]

Secure Chat (java) [source]

* Some comments might be in italian. I wrote this code a while ago.


Trello indicator for Linux [source]

Arduino binary clock (arduino) [source][Eagle schematic]

Lqr Optimal Controller syntesis (MatLab]) [source]

Multi-ping extention for Httping (c) [source]

Y.A.L.Z.I A LZ78 Data Compressor tool for linux (c) [source]


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